Felt Soul Media website goes live… finally


Photo courtesy of Robert Glenn Ketchum

Thanks for coming by to check out all things Felt Soul. I sent out a mass email to all of our friends directing them to the new site. As a result of my mass email, my gmail account has been blocked for 24 hours, so if you dont hear back from me quickly, I have a pretty valid excuse. We have been getting amazing feedback on the site. Thank you for checking it out.

The Alaska project is rapidly approaching. Sponsorship has pretty much fallen in line and we are solidifying our production schedule. It looks like we will be heading up to Bristol Bay on the 7th of June and returning on the 15th of August. 9 weeks of shooting. We could not be more stoked to be working on this project for such a long duration. We should be able to come up with some amazing footage. We have also had an impressive response from all that we have asked to help in our efforts.

Check out Mark Emery films, Robert Glenn Ketchum Photos, TU AK, AK Sportsmen’s alliance, Light Hawk, Ak Sportsmen’s Lodge

So far our sponsors include Sage/Reddington/Rio, Patagonia, Cloudveil, Winston fly rods, TU AK, RA Beattie, Abel Reels, Cascade Designs, Brunton, Scott Fly Rods, Dallas Ecological Foundation.


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