Cue the drama…

No, we’re not just fishing! This is a business trip, so just shut your face. Photo by Mark Emery

Ok, here’s what’s been happening: Travis caught a rainbow trout big enough to feed your mom, met Mark Emery of National Geographic who when asked “where are you from?” responds “Well that’s really none of your business”, I’m starting to get fat already and contemplating trading my bike for a full suspension big-wheel for gondola laps, we’re a 3-person crew now with the addition of mystery girl Lauren from Trout Unlimited who pretty much hates me I think, we met a lovely Carhart clad lady named Lindsey who is the captain of her very own fishing boat, Travis tweaked his knee jumping off a skiff with a camera back pack on, I destroyed my back lifting gear and just took enough Alleve to cure AIDS, we filmed an anti Pebble Mine rally in Dillingham where we met Lee, a photographer from the LA Times who craves more positive-outcome assignments and sees Bristol Bay as “fucked”, Travis’s big toenail is minutes away from falling off and smells funny, halibut is yummy and I would like more please, met a total bad-ass commercial fisherman named Dillon who studies law and designs and fabricates his own sick-ass boats from raw aluminum, my dislike of dogs is growing with every bark of a black piece of shit cocker spaniel with pink-eye , grizzly bears are cute and fluffy when you’re a safe distance away from them, a gold mine seems like an odd trade for ancient pristine salmon runs, bush planes freak me the fuck out and I haven’t even landed on a river yet, if you pretend to have a back injury everyone (even chicks) move your gear for you, ruby red squirt is a tasty Alaskan beverage when properly chilled.

Interesting fact learned: It’s ok to say: “Good enough to slap your grandma” when used in context at the dinner table. Meaning: Something tasted so wonderful that you’d consider giving granny a gentle slap on the hand if the bitch were reaching for the last bite of what you wanted to eat. Many thanks to alligator wrestler Mark Emory for sharing this wisdom.

We’re in Dillingham now big pimpin’ with wireless internet at the Peter Pan Canning company and flying back to King Salmon this afternoon so Travis can get his fish on again. Don’t miss the next Felt Soul blog entry when we’ll touch on the controversial subject of livin’ the dream.

dillingham_rally.jpgSeveral Alaskan natives show their support of the anti-Pebble Mine movement at the Dillingham rally while having their picture taken for the LA Times. Photo by Ben Knight


3 thoughts on “Cue the drama…

  1. We’re with you boys. Keep up the good work on Pebble. It’s highly worth saving. As Brower so aptly said, “there’s no business to be done on a dead planet.”

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