Raw Lobe…

Felt Soul Post Production Studios, AKA Ben’s bedroom. Telluride, Colorado.

The Red Gold trailer is here folks, check this bitch out: www.feltsoulmedia.com/RedGold_Trailer.mov
[may take a minute or 12 to load]

I know, I know, it’s like we abandoned the blog as if it were that cute baby rabbit you begged for as child and then left it in the cage in the backyard when you realized it smelled like mold and had a taste for blood.

What you’ve missed: [in the last month and a half… sorry.]

Our final task before leaving Alaska was to interview Bruce Jenkins, the COO of Northern Dynasty. He is the 5 time undisputed Canadian freestyle condescending champion. He spoke down to us through the entire interview as if we were reporters for the high school newspaper. His favorite hobby is to question your question, which I’m guessing is a well honed corporate skill. In the end, Bruce served his purpose, and after 2 months Travis and I were on our way home.

On the flight home I got a rubber ear bud from my headphones lodged in my right ear. All I wanted was to go home in peace, but no, I was digging in my ear canal at 30,000 feet with the male end of my headphones while Travis slept like a baby. I’m pretty sure the Mother across the aisle told her two children to stay away from the obsessed ear probing freak when the plane landed. After 3 hours of fucking with my now raw lobe, the plane landed in Denver. I put Travis on my left side [so I could hear what he was saying] and asked if the tweezers were still in the med kit.

To bring you up to date, we waded through all 43 hours of footage, labeled and logged every clip using Final Cut Pro and edited the trailer for Red Gold in two weeks, just in time for Drake Magazine’s five minutes of flyfishing film festival. We didn’t even expect to be entered into the competition due to the fact that it was a trailer, but to our absolute disbelief, we were honored with the “Best Overall Film” title for the second year in a row. [Last year was for Running Down the Man] Needless to say, Red Gold is for real, and we’re both proud as hell to be a part of this thing. Many thanks to Drake editor Tom Bie for hosting another rad event. If you’re looking for us this winter, we’ll be pretty easy to find: Either in Ben’s room to the left of his bed editing or walking to the store to get more Red Bull and those new Boulder brand balsamic rosemary potato chips. Our longest film to date was 17 minutes I think, so wish us luck. We’re thinking 45 minutes maybe? Who knows.

Dear Steve Jobs, may your expensive Mac and Final Cut Pro bless us with blazing fast ram and dependable hard drives. Amen.


10 thoughts on “Raw Lobe…

  1. Saw the Red Gold trailer on YouTube last night.. you nailed it! Absolutely nailed it and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you!!

  2. Boyz: I showed Krafty the trailer. He could care less about this kind of thing and is, as you know, almost impossible to get to the “caged bobcat” to sit still for three and a half minutes. He sat, he watched, he looked like he just got hit with a puck in the face. He is now a believer.

    TU gurl is trying to kill a deer, wish her luck

  3. Finally, I get to see Ben’s bedroom!!!

    Hey, Ben! Do you miss your old neighbor? Carl told me you were doing well with this film thing and I ran into this today. Nice!!

    Send me an email sometime, I would love to hear from you!
    I also promised to help you do some programming, I would love to help you out.


  4. Looks great, I cant wait to see the film.
    I was bummed to find out that I missed out on the presentation at the TU meeting in Denver on tuesday. I would have found it twice as interesting being a fly fisher and an editor.

  5. Just came to the site from a friend of mine here in VT, and watched the Red Gold Trailer. Great stuff…looking forward to watching the entire film.

  6. saw your film today (Sunday 2/15/09) at the Boulder International Film Festival. Ironically, just read the article last week in Mens Journal without knowing the film was coming to the BIFF. My son’s are huge fishermen and environmentalist. My son Jacob guides for Trouthunters in Island Park, ID. on the Henrys Fork and is currently in Argentina guiding for Ted Turners outfit doing sea run trout. Noah is in Costa Rica doing a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development. I’ll send your links to both of them to engage their support with their network of friends and fellow concerned friends of the environment. Great job.

  7. saw your film last night very powerful, very well done. Most of our river and stream in Indiana are too polluted to safely eat the fish which is a crime. My hope is make more people aware of your plait up their. I wish you well in this fight.

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