Remembering Ben’s cat

Yes, our Felt Soul T-Shirt model is single and she prefers guys who aren’t nice.

I have a crap load of Felt Soul news to report. First off, we made T-shirts. They’re inspired by and dedicated to my dead kitty “Mila.” She was gray, adorable and enjoyed eating mice slowly while they were still alive and spraying piss on down jackets and comforters. My roommates were not fond of her due to the overwhelming stench of urine on their beds. One roommate whom I won’t mention by name [Drew Ludwig] drop- kicked her out of his loft. She recovered, but continued to only use her litter box for going number two. Another roommate named Ryan Bonneau had planned on removing her tail for use as a Taimen stimulator pattern in Mongolia. Turns out she died of a severe kidney infection and couldn’t help peeing where she slept. The poor thing didn’t know what she was doing wrong. I had to give her an IV to hydrate her for the final days of her life and Ryan ended up burying her while I was out of town. One sec, I have to wipe the tears off my keyboard… ok, I’m good now. So that’s the story of Felt Soul’s first T-shirt. We made a small batch to see if anyone would actually buy one, and they’re on the website under “The Merch.”

This is Fly’s design is edgy, and makes us feel more important than we are.

“This is Fly” , a web site entirely too steezy for the sport of fly fishing has honored us with another article on what we’re up to. They asked me to write the intro [my first ever published writing I warn you] and Travis fielded their questions about our Red Gold project toward the end. You can find our story “Giving a Voice to the People of Bristol Bay” on page 63. I think This is Fly is the future of magazines. As wonderful as it is to have something tangible that you can flip through and then leave in the bathroom for six months, it just seems wasteful. Thisis the link to our previous story:

To our utter disbelief, The New York Times asked Travis and I to produce a short profile on the sport of Skier Cross for their website during ESPN’s Winter X-Games. After jumping up and down and high-fiving like a couple cheerleaders on Ritalin we said “yeah, sure… maybe we could squeeze that in if you’re lucky.” We’ve never filmed or edited on deadline before, so it was a brutal shock to our natural instinct to procrastinate. ESPN only allowed us to film during a couple hours of practice so getting all the shots we needed from a mile-long course was challenging. We finished filming on a Friday afternoon and didn’t wrap the editing until 9am on Saturday. With no sleep and enough Red Bull to implode a rhinoceros heart we had pulled it off. The short was supposed to be centered around Daron Rahlves, the most decorated alpine downhill skier in American history but he didn’t give us much to work with on camera. He still has a decent role thankfully because he went on to take the gold medal thus making our piece more newsworthy. Who knows if we’ll ever hear from the Times again, but either way it was a huge honor for Felt Soul. Here’s the link if you want to take a gander. It’s 4 minutes long and starts with an annoying commercial that you can’t skip.


11 thoughts on “Remembering Ben’s cat

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  2. Ben-I find it somewhat of a mystery how you can be intelligent and motivated enough to make a film about the Pebble travesty, yet stupid and lazy enough not to take a cat to the veterinarian. You should not have pets, or roomates who kick them. That “tough guy” is lucky he didn’t kick one of my animals. And you’re a wimp for allowing it and not kicking his butt.

  3. Hey guys. I go to Winston Rod website quite often and I checked out the video trailor for Eastern Rises on link. My question is, where the hell can I get this freakin movie! I loved that trailor and I’ve been wanting to go to Kamchatka for years. I just haven’t seem to find the time or anyone to accompany me (I fish by myself 90% of the time anyway but thats almost like getting into a fight, whats the point if theres no one there to see you kickin somebody’s ass). Tell me where I can buy this goddam movie please! Also, I like what you guys have been doing as far as your part as enviromentalist. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on the new baby Smethurst!

  4. I just wanted to say good job on the site! I was doing some research on Google when I found your blog. After spending some time on this site I’ve come up with some great ideas for a new blog. I just thought I’d let you in on it

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