Sage, Redington, & Rio’s “A Day for Bristol Bay”


Sage, Redington and Rio step up big for Bristol Bay.

Sage, Redington and Rio have committed a day of production from their Bainbridge factory to help support our film Red Gold (which is nearing completion by the way) and TU AK’s continued grassroot efforts to combat the proposed Pebble Mine. The triumvirate is not messing around either. We are talking a donation in upwards of $100,000 and you can be a part of it too.

Here is the deal. By designating “A day for Bristol Bay” Sage in setting aside one day of production of its 9 foot 8 weight Z-Axis paired with a Redington CD 7/8 Reel and Rio’s new Gold Fly line. It is the complete package and one that both Ben and I fished with all summer while shooting Red Gold. The crazy thing is that they are donating all the proceeds from the day of production to help in the fight against Pebble Mine, but supplies are limited and the response has already been amazing. Folks are also going beyond merely purchasing the rods and donating on top of the sales price.

Help support Trout Unlimited’s work to save Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed from proposed development of one of the largest open pit and underground mines in the world– purchase a limited edition Save Bristol Bay rod and reel set –there are less then 100 outfits left. Plus $200 of your purchase price will be donated by Sage, Redington & Rio to Trout Unlimited ‘s work in Alaska.


4 thoughts on “Sage, Redington, & Rio’s “A Day for Bristol Bay”

  1. Took a few leaps to find your blog but glad I did. Thanks for all of your work on preservation of Bristol Bay. More than 4 generations of our family has worked in the Bay. It is a sacred place to us! It will be my husband’s 18 year up there and he knows many of the natives in your videos.


    I’m ordering a rod for him (we live around the corner from Sage HQ. Thanks for the heads up, glad to put our money towards a worthy cause. Be well.

  2. That´s great news guys!!!
    Congratulations to these companies but they shouldn´t be the only ones to follow this initiative.
    All fly fishing industry is based on the existence of pristine natural resources and therefore is obliged morally (or at least in an attempt of self preservation) to take active action in these matters.

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