The gift that keeps on giving…

It was starting to feel like a never-ending awkward moment… 
A situation you walked into carelessly without consideration of how you’d escape. I wanted to design the Red Gold DVD myself, but if there’s anything I’m slower at than editing it’s design. I’m convinced Travis had dreamed of killing me in my sleep with an icicle with one hand while texting a professional designer with the other. “It’s done, you may begin the design” he would text. I made the mistake of telling Travis that I wasn’t positive the play button in the DVD menu would actually function… [Apple’s DVD Studio Pro was created by Satan under the label “unintuitive torture device”] I didn’t realize the impact my concern about the play button would make on Travis. I don’t think he slept well for a month, and I’m pretty sure his girlfriend didn’t get any foot rubs during this anxiety ridden time.
When the 5,000 DVD’s arrived by semi in Denver, we quietly off-loaded the boxes into Travis’s garage and didn’t speak until a the first DVD was loaded into the player. While the menu loaded, I gritted my teeth and rubbed my forehead almost anticipating a headache. Travis looked pale and prepared for disappointment as he glanced at the remote for the play button. Thank fuck, it played. It took a full two years for us to get to this point… a man-hug happened… Travis said I could be his friend again and we congratulated each other on a job well done. This is where you’d click to order a DVD if you like that sort of thing:

8 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on giving…

  1. Congratulations, guys! That’s awesome. I’m definitely picking up a copy as soon as my Christmas credit card debt eases up… haha. Glad the Play Button worked (I feel your pain re: DVD Studio Pro).

  2. Congrats guys, the DVD is amazing. I cant wait to see what else you have in store for us (Eastern Rises is going to dope, when does it drop anyway?)
    Spreading the word to save Bristol Bay is so important, and its great that we now have something as phenomenal as Red Gold To help spread the word. Props Props Props


  3. Ben, Just got the copy and watched it this afternoon. This is The film we are waiting for in a long time! Great work for everything, the point of views, stories, music and the photography… everything is just perfect in their place. I agree with what Tom Bie said… it would be a very influential documentary film in our generation! Thank you guys, I appreciate the great and hard works.

  4. Just saw Red Gold at a Banff Mountain screening here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Been wanting to see it for a long time now. Anyways, made my night. peace

  5. Hi! This past weekend the Banff Film Festival toured through our area in Bishop, CA. “Red Gold” took everyone by surprize! The comments were fabulous. Thank you for your beautiful work regarding our wild salmon situation in Alaska. Well done!
    I am Kris Kennedy’s mom living in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Kris is seen in your video. He is currently in Patagonia/Chile fishing. I just ordered the DVD of Red Gold and can’t wait to share it with family/friends and others in our community.

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