Smethurst Successfully Spawns


It’s a proud day at Felt Soul headquarters as we welcome Mallory Dolores Smethurst [the little girl at the bottom left who isn’t crying] to the team. She’s 5 days old now and according to Frank “she’s already double hauling in her crib and scanning the horizon for fish.” It seems like yesterday when Frank was pale as a ghost and scared shitless when he found out what he’d done, but we all knew he’d make an incredible father. Frank, Carol, we love you and we’re so happy for you.


25 thoughts on “Smethurst Successfully Spawns

  1. Frank,
    This is wonderful news! Welcome Mallory Dolores! Good work family! You guys are going to have such a blast!
    Kind regards,

  2. Ummm, Frank – i believe she is twenty and half inches…I know “the story of your life.”

    I did shed a tear. A beautiful and healthy baby girl. Nice work Frank and Carol! Oh and carol performed the birth 100% natural. Impressive.

  3. Frank!

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. She’s lucky to have a dad such as yourself. Congrats again and best fishes. Camille

  4. I am amazed that there is nothing fishy in the name… even I, un-sponsored and not so widely travled managed to get my daughter’s middle name to be Babine. We looked at lots of river names… Firehole was out, Upper Sac didn’t seem wise, and so on.

    Congrats on your girl. Girls are great. A lot less destruction than boys and they are smarter too.

  5. editor’s note: Mallory’s middle name is “Dolores” as in the Dolores River in SW Colorado. Specifically the Lower Dolores….I think there may have been a Frank mutiny without this concession from Carol.

  6. Ah, well, then I stand corrected and happily so. Some things just have to be done and putting a river in your daughter’s name is one of those things.

    PS – saw the 1% bit on the Madison. Very nice.

  7. congrats Frank, girls are the greatest. I’ve already got my six year old trout fishing w/me though she hasn’t quuite made to the fly rod, she still prefers her Barbie rod.

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  9. hey, love my girls. my 8 year old fished the klamath w/me last year in august & was the most increadable expereance of my life as well as hers. just put arod in her hand tommorow. good luck to all

  10. Well done Mr Frank . .

    . . . enjoyed your “On The Rise” series just ended, when does Eastern Rises become available to order ?

  11. I am very enjoy your blog, your blog is very true of the bar, hoping to see you more exciting content! I wish you have a happy day!

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