Eastern Rises is done — well, sort of…

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails like this one due to Ben being the slowest editor EVER:

Dear Felt Soul Media,
When the hell is Eastern Rises going to be available for purchase? 
Thanks for the time, 


Well Josh, Eastern Rises is finally done – almost.  It has taken us a bit longer than planned, but the final film is our best to date and hopefully will be judged to be worth the wait. ER will premier at the 2010 Telluride Mountainfilm Festival (mountainfilm.org) at the end of May. The DVD will be released soon after the premier.  We thank you for your patience and continued interest.

In the meantime we started a mini-site for ER at www.easternrises.com, there’s not much to see there at the moment besides some Russian mosquitos doing pull ups and the ER trailer, but as we get closer to dropping the DVD we will get it fully dialed and worth a visit.  Stay tuned.


26 thoughts on “Eastern Rises is done — well, sort of…

  1. congrats guys. there’s a serious buzz about the ER release. looks like home run potential once again. would love to chat about an idea when you have time.
    all the best,

  2. Hi Guys,So glad to hear that Eastern Rises is “almost”. Have folowed your career from here in Oz with much interest. The short from ER is brilliant. You guys NEED (please) to keep doing this stuff so us mere mortal flyfishers can REALLY -see what is out there!! Congrats to Frank & family , Please keep up the good work
    Cheers to all
    Chris — Australia.

  3. How strange…i was just writing on my blog how the F.F.F.F. that just rolled through Austin was missing quality film like “Eastern Rises” to truly inpire me to get out there and fish the world. Then i hop on this site that i’ve been on HUNDREDS of times without finding any news. Suddenly it’s all clicking and i couldn’t be more excited.

    Look forward to diefische.wordpress.com spreading the word about the film.

    P.S. You guys have single handedly inspired me to film my fly fishing exploits and combine that with my love of art and culture.

    -thank you,

  4. I just stopped by your web site to tell you how much I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED….seeing Eastern Rises at Mountainfilm in Telluride this past May!

    I remember this film and how I felt watching it more than any other film I have ever seen at Moutainfilm for the past 4 years! PURE MAGIC from start to finish. I was “intoxicated” and in love and under it’s spell from the very beginning and can’t wait to buy MANY DVD’s to pass on to friends and family members.

    I don’t fish and don’t exactly understand the chemistry of excitement that surrounds fishing.

    But I “understood” this film and absorbed it’s power all the way. THANK YOU for you sharing your work and creativity…and most of all for showing how beautiful and precious this planet is to all living beings.

    Thank you Ben! Thank you Travis! Thank you Frank! Oh and Bigfoot too. 🙂

  5. hey guys,
    I’m super excited for the Eastern Rises release! I was wondering if you intended on releasing release details before the actual release…

    Like where we will be getting the DVD from…if it will come out on blu ray, or maybe a digital copy!

    Prices and shipping details would be cool too!

    Cheers Jon

  6. Hello??? Anyone there?? My kids told me they were giving me a movie about Russian trout for Fathers Day??!!??? Any guesses/info???

    By the way.. The Hatch and Running Down the Man are still great, even after a bijillioin viewings! Thanks and can’t wait for ER.

    • Hello. We are here.

      ER will be shipping on Wednesday for all those that have trusted us with a pre-order.

      It will be worth the wait and we really, really appreciate your patience and support.

      • Best fly fishing film I have seen ever! Funny narrative, incredible remote scenery. Watched it on my jeep’s nav/dvd system on a fly fishing trip that was 70 miles from the nearest interstate, cell phone reception. We thought we were far away until we saw how they had to get to the river! Amazing! Can’t wait for Travis and Ben’s next video.

        Blue River Flies

  7. Hello, placed an order for Eastern Rises. Are these shipping out? Just wondering what the turn around time is.? Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Hey Guys!

    Just saw your film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival – WOW! It was fantastic! I don’t fish & I LOVED it! Your humour had me chuckling all the way through & the stunning scenery reminds me of another place to visit in this lifetime! Hope you’ll be back again next year! Keep up the great work! xxxxJill

  9. Hey Folks,

    Excellent movie, even though it was the short edited version, thrilled to see it at the Banff movie world tour last night in Nanaimo.
    One question, what region is the DVD, I know my father (Europe) would just love it?


  10. hi guys

    just saw Eastern Rises at the Reno showing of the Banff Mtn. Film Festival—great stuff
    ordered the DVD as my husband missed this year–1st time fly fishing film has been shown
    look forward to checking out your other stuff

  11. Thanks you guys for such a rad film. I don’t fish (much), but I saw Eastern Rises in Homer, AK at Telluride on tour, I bought it, I’ve watched it 4 times since then. Excellent filming, beautiful stills, phenomenal music and editing. And an unparalleled excitement.

    Fantastic – thanks again.

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